telling stories about trees

Telling Stories About Trees || conradsound.com

Renato Ciunfrini (clarinet), Guro Skumsnes Moe (double bass), HÃ¥vard Skaset (guitar). Telling Stories About Trees is a Norwegian/Italian collaboration that stems from a night in Rome where Bluefaced People(skaset/moe/) shared the bill with a Renato Ciunfrini project. The musicians became mutually aware of each other and decided to meet in Norway to play and experiment togheter. Feeling confident about their music in the cold and dark city of Oslo, they decided to continue the collaboration and tour Italy toghether. After two weeks of touring the music begun to grow in new directions, and started to get a inner substance and form far beyond improvisation. The mixture of the acoustic instruments with a slow and mechanical, almost electronic approach, makes the music sometimes harsh and rigid. But with spontaneous transitions into smoother and more sporadic melodic passages, the music gets the life and nourishment to continue to grow into new areas. Within the layers of friction overlapped with airy textures and the focus on contrasts, the musicians seek to reveal a deep duality in their music.

Telling Stories About Trees played at El Cocuy in Santa Croce, Venice, on 3 June 2011.