here ain't bodies

Here Ain't Bodies || LIVE || 11 May 2013. Errant Bodies Project Space, Berlin, Germany.

Here Ain’t Bodies was a musical performance curated in Berlin in collaboration with curators Marta Ferretti and Gaia Martino’s 2013 project This is the End, at the research centre on sonic and spatial practices Errant Bodies in Berlin. Three musicians were scattered in different public areas of Berlin, yet played synchronously with each other through the use of web technology. The resulting ensemble was broadcast in real-time at Errant Bodies project space, connecting not only the music but also the different environmental aspects of the locations around the city.

Here Ain’t Bodies is an urban live performance by the collective El Cocuy in collaboration with Bob Meanza, Pillowdiver and Claudio Rocchetti. Here Ain’t Bodies is focused on creating a single music event which involves different areas of Berlin simultaneously. The aim is to utilise web technology to create a unique live act where the single musicians play synchronously with each other, thus giving life to a fully improvised, free-form concert that also considers the ‘response’ of the place and its audience. The event creates a unique, live performance in real-time. Contemporary avant-garde musicians, Bob Meanza, Pillowdiver and Claudio Rocchetti, will play in three different locations of the city. The resulting ensemble will be broadcasted in real-time at Errant Bodies project space, which will work as the main bridge, connecting not only the music but also the different environmental aspects of the performance locations around the city. The action invites people to decenter their listening experience, through the creation of an unusual soundscape that encourages the audience’s curiosity about their own city. Where are the other performances taking place? What is

the environment like in that part of the city? Errant Bodies project space will serve as a harmonizer within the city community and an agent that can create a place of unusual aggregations, questioning the issue of public space and its nature.

al doum & the faryds
al doum & the faryds

With the kind collaboration of Fallani Venezia; thanks to Bob Meanza, Pillowdiver, Claudio Rocchetti, Altes Finanzamt, Buchhandlung LeseGlück, Luca Facci, Davide Pizzoli, Valentina Marinone, Volker Fischer.